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Natural Health – Your Home Spa in the Sky

Posted on November 6, 2018 in Uncategorized

There are many reasons why you should create a traveling mini-spa for yourself while you fly in the sky.

Here’s a list of whys and hows:

–Clean The Air You Breathe

One of the things that has always bothered me about flying is the close proximity between people (for hours) and breathing the same re-circulated air. The worst thing is a coughing sneezing sick person. But even if we are seated farther away from a sick person, germs can spread easily in airplane cabins. Also, since the airlines humidify the cabin air, the moisture creates a breeding ground for microbes [although plane air is notoriously dry, thus mucous membranes get dry and are more vulnerable to attack by microorganisms].

Without fail, every time I get on a plane I say: “I am so thankful for my oils!”

Here’s a recommended routine for keeping the air you breathe as free from pathogenic organisms (the bad bugs) as possible:

Keep your favorite respiratory, cleansing oils on your person, either in your pocket or purse. Take a hankie or tissue and sprinkle your oils on it. Tuck it into your shirt pocket, slipped up your sleeve, or under your watchband so it is easily accessible to lift up to your nose and inhale.

I do this about every 10 minutes during my flight. I take a few inhalations through the tissue so I can line my respiratory passages with these great oils that will keep the bad bugs away.

My favorite oils to do this with are (YL Blends) RC, Raven, Thieves, Peppermint, Purification, or any of the eucalyptus oils.

You can also create a little spray bottle or use Thieves Spray and spray your seat area. You may get a bit more attention doing it that way, so if you don’t want to draw attention to yourself just use your hankie!

–Keep Your Ankles from Swelling

There’s something about our bodies being a zillion miles up in the sky, in a pressurized cabin, sitting for sometimes several hours, that just makes our legs and feet want to swell.
It might not have anything to do with how much salt we just ate, or if we drank too much water, or not enough. Whatever it is, swollen legs and feet are uncomfortable, unsightly, and hinder movement.

One of the best essential oils that assists both the blood circulation and the lymphatic circulation is cypress. You might want to rub some cypress on the bottom of your feet or on your ankles before you get on the plane, or at least when you get dressed on the morning of your flight. Use it after you land to help mobilize any stagnant fluid.

The ideal essential oil for this in my opinion is the Young Living Blend called Aroma-Life. It has cypress in it along with a few other single oils that have great properties. The synergy of this blend is great. I have seen great results on people who have used this oil blend for swollen feet.

— Keep Your Immune System Strong

When we use therapeutic essential oils on our body, they simultaneously oxygenate and cleanse each cell in the body This combination of actions help to keep the immune system strong.

–Diminish Stress and Relax

Even if you are excited about your destination, there is still stress associated with travel. It’s good stress, but its stress.

Here’s what you can do to diminish stress:

–Use Lavender oil on the bottom of your feet and pulse points (my favorite lavender is Young Living’s special lavender from St.Marie’s – it is exquisite although a bit more expensive than their regular lavender). Another essential oil blend that is often recommended for stress is Peace and Calming. Dowse yourself throughout the flight with either of these oils. It will help people around you as well.

–Take your headset with you, or rent one from the airlines, and listen to classical or relaxation music that they offer.

–Close your eyes and do some deep breathing, and picture a peaceful scene, the face of a loved one or beloved pet, or your wonderful vacation in your mind! Imagery is a powerful enhancement to health.

–Feel Good When You Land

That’s ultimately what we want, isn’t it? We don’t want to get so stressed out getting ready for the trip and traveling to the point where we are exhausted and sick when we get there!

The degree to which you are able to stay centered and in that spa-like frame of mind while you are traveling, is the degree to which you will feel great when you arrive at your destination.

One of the most important and effective ways of feeling good while you travel is to Drink Plenty of Water!

–Prevent Jet Lag

This is the bottom line. Nobody wants to feel tired and sick from flying and traveling.
According to Charles F. Ehert, Ph.D. (senior scientist at US Dept of Energy Argonne National Laboratory in Argonne, Illinois, author of “Overcoming Jet Lag”) it takes one day to recover for each time zone you go through. Therefore, coast-to-coast recovery time is 3 days because you cross 3 different time zones.

This also means that going from New York to Japan – which is 15time zones, would necessitate more than one week for recovery.

We can do things to prevent Jet Lag. Here are some of Dr. Ehert’s suggestions from his book:

  • Plan your flight so that you arrive at night
  • Get plenty of sleep before your trip
  • Avoid alcohol and anything that dehydrates the body
  • Exercise on the plane (contract and relax muscles, and stretch)
  • Sit in sun on plane if you can
  • Exercise when you get to your hotel
  • Get out in the sunshine when you arrive at your destination
  • Get immediately into the sync of new the time zone. Don’t try to catch up on sleep

Here is Ehert’s Anti-Jet Lag diet:

–3 days before travel eat a feast – high protein breakfast and lunch and high carb dinner
–2 days before eat lightly – fruits, soups, broth
–1 day before eat a feast again (same as above)
–On the day of travel eat very light, next to nothing, and eat regularly when you arrive at that time zone’s meal times